I Remember….

I Remember….

I remember the first time I looked back and saw her. Our story wasn’t romantic or filmy and all. We didn’t crash into each other, or grow up as childhood friends. It just happened. I looked back, saw her and she smiled at me. I smiled back and asked,

“Hey. Do you know the answer to question no. 10?”

“Nope”, she replied.

“What about 13?”

“Don’t know that either. Perhaps you know the answer to 3?”

“Yeah, the answer is ‘a’.”

       A weird way to start a conversation but yes, we met for the first time in the exam hall. But I’d say that was fine – at leas we didn’t have to deal with those awkward silences. So on the bottom line I’m glad what happened happened.

       That was like three years ago. Now, I think of it and it makes me smile. As I write this I recall every single day of these three years. From the first day, till the day it all ended. The days when she returned home from a party feeling totally depressed and the nights when she couldn’t sleep because of a loud music playing at her neighbor’s party – I remember it all.

      And yet something was always missing. Oh, that joy when I finally met her after an interval of a year! And then the disappointment that day when I planned to walk her home after her class and her boyfriend popped up out of nowhere, and I had to walk away without even bidding goodbye.

     Now, I wipe away a tear-drop from my eye, and remember the day it all ended. Going to being strangers from friends; it wasn’t easy. I wish now I had never told her what I told her that day. That evening, under that ‘Peepal’ tree, I wish I hadn’t said ‘I love you, Rose’. Had I not told her, perhaps she would still have been my best friend. Perhaps…..but all I can do now is remember…





Happy Friendship Day!!

Days have passed and years have gone,

But, I, my friend, I’ll never leave you alone;

Trust me, dear, you are one of those few,

It’s not everyday, I get to meet a friend like you.


Memories of you, even Alzheimer’s cannot kill,

You side in my heart, you always will;

Time spent with you, I know, again, shall never come,

But it happened, it doesn’t matter now, it’s all done.


We spent less time together, than we’ll spend apart,

But you know the best of friends have to part;

Go now!! Go chase your dreams!

Dive into the oceans, that were once little streams.


So this is it, my friend, you go that way, I’ll go this,

Go for it, don’t you dare miss!

Don’t look back, just keep going your own way,

For we shall meet some day,

And on this 4th of August, I say HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!Image